“NAKED” Unscented Goat Milk Soap


“NAKED” unscented all-natural goat milk soap - 🚨 NEW PRODUCT 🚨


NO HARMFUL JUNK IN THIS SOAP! In fact....it’s just soap.

Our Goat Milk Soap is:

🧼 Handcrafted – we only use fresh goat’s milk from local farms and organic, non-GMO oils to make our soap from scratch.
🧼 Our soaps are Paraben-Free! We use mica colorants, essential oils & luxury fragrance oils for scent.
🧼 Contains natural and organic ingredients
🧼 Every bar of our goat milk soap leaves you clean and refreshed without drying or, damaging skin while also helping to maintain your skin’s natural moisture.
🧼 Our Goat milk soap is nourishing for your skin – When you use goat milk soap, it's like using lotion every time you bathe